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About us

We Deliver Business Growth

PMCo offers a comprehensive range of global business solutions, encompassing services such as website design, website development, promotional products, social media marketing/management, Email Marketing, App development, Messages on hold, Google Ads, SEO, SEM, and eCommerce.

As a full-service Marketing Agency, our primary objective is to leverage the expertise of our passionate thinkers and creative team, collaborating closely with each brand to devise distinctive and innovative strategies that yield impactful results.

With a combined experience of over 100 years in diverse marketing disciplines, PMCo's team has been instrumental in assisting businesses of all sizes in finding their unique voice and message.

The inception of PMCo was fuelled by a resolute commitment to offer brands the exceptional creative services necessary to thrive. We persistently strive until we achieve the desired outcomes for our clients.

Our Philosophy

  1. Customer-centricity: We place great emphasis on comprehending and fulfilling the needs of our customers and clients.

  2. Creativity and Innovation: We recognise the inherent value of creativity and innovation in developing effective marketing strategies.

  3. Collaboration and Partnership: We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership as drivers of success.

  4. Data-driven Approaches: We prioritise evidence-based and data-driven methodologies in our marketing endeavours.

  5. Ethics and Social Responsibility: We adhere to ethical practices and promote social responsibility in all aspects of our business.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable our clients to thrive and achieve growth by crafting inventive, effective, and engaging marketing campaigns that generate tangible results. We aspire to become the trusted partner of choice for businesses seeking to connect with and captivate their target audiences. Through our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional value and service, we strive to help each client attain their objectives and unlock their full potential.


Our Values

  1. Customer Focus: We prioritise our clients' needs and aspirations, consistently exceeding their expectations.

  2. Integrity: We uphold transparency and honesty in all our interactions, consistently acting in the best interests of our clients.

  3. Creativity: We embrace the transformative power of fresh ideas and audacious thinking, encouraging our team to challenge conventional norms and expand the realm of possibilities.

  4. Collaboration: We value the strength of teamwork and partnerships, fostering close collaboration with our clients and within our organisation to achieve shared success.

  5. Agility: We are responsive and adaptable, perpetually prepared to pivot and evolve to meet the evolving demands of our clients and the market at large.

About us: About Us
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